Project News

The new EPRI SUNBURST Project website is beginning to come alive. This page and this website will be undergoing frequent significant changes as we progress with development of each feature.

Links for the various tools are on the right. The only tools currently active are the historical data tool and the latest GIC readings. When you click on those links, you will be asked to enter your user id and password.

About The Project

The EPRI SUNBURST Project is a collaborative project for monitoring of geomagnetically-induced currents (GIC's) and their impact on the power grid.

Utility membership funds the operation of the network of monitors, currently consisting of about 50 monitors on transformer neutrals at utility substations throughout North America.

The monitoring network collects GIC data during geomagnetic disturbances, providing a global and local view of the GIC in near real-time.

The collected GIC data helps electric utilities to better understand GIC flows on their transmission system, validate GIC models used to simulate extreme GMD events, and assess vulnerability.